Spring Branches

The Write Path on the Journey of Grief and Hope

The Write Path on the Journey of Grief and Love, is a play on words because there is no right or wrong path.  This site is my path a place to record my memories, hope, faith and pain on my journey as a mom who lost her daughter and friend too soon.


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One Year

A year, it baffles me to think it has been a whole year. It is true what people say when you lose someone that it will seem like forever...

The Hands of the Clock

It is interesting to me that much of life is controlled by things we cannot see or touch. Love, fear, kindness, loss, pride, time are...

Joy Bombs

For the first time in 26 years, I will not experience the excitement of planning the perfect birthday gift for Madi. I miss her so much,...

Selah Care Farm

A few weeks after losing Madi, a friend brought me a book, Bearing the Unbearable by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. She told me I could throw...



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